"I have been very impressed with the semi permanent treatments that I have received from Lucy, so much so that I have had my lips, eyes and most recently my eyebrows treated. As a busy mum of two the treatments have made a great difference, with Lucy's advice and expertise I have enhanced the features I have, and have saved myself alot of time. I love the way they appear so natural. The procedures were explained fully in detail to me during my consultation along with a patch test, also the time and care to pick colours, shading etc made me feel assured that I was getting the exact look I was after. Lucy is very professional, caring and aims to please her clients 110%, the treatments themselves are carried out very straight forwardly with Lucy talking you through exactly what she is doing, they are not time consuming and offer very little discomfort. I have recommended Lucy to a number of friends to which have all been delighted! "

Martyn Mitchell

"Lucy has managed to transform me over several years, with a selection of her treatments. The brows are a wonder, no more smudging in the rain and no more smears.
I go to bed with perfect eyeliner, lip liner and brows and wake up the same.

I feel more confident and it has allowed me more time in my otherwise busy life. Lucy
is always available with any questions I may have, she is extremely accommodating with matching appointments to suit me and provides an excellent after care service. Lucy carries out each treatment with the highest hygiene standards and the utmost precision.
A perfect combination for a perfect result!"

Sarah Foley

"Lucy first did my lips with semi permanent lip-liner a few years ago. I was very pleased with the results. The colour that Lucy used was very natural and made my lips look
a lot fuller. A few months later I decided to have semi-permanent eyeliner to my eyes top and bottom. I could not believe the difference it made to my eyes, making them look bigger and brighter! She also does the individual eye lashes which make you look
very glamorous! I have recommended Lucy to a lot of friends and everyone has been happy with what she has done."

Tracy Norfolk, Clayhall Essex

"A couple of my friends had semi permanent lip liner and I'd always admired their lips. Despite feeling slightly nervous about the procedure and the outcome I was pleasantly surprised. It was slightly stingy but a bearable pain and the outcome is great. The initial colour is darker than the desired effect but this soon settles down. Overall, I would definitely recommend this and my feedback from friends has all been positive."

Annette Ward