Eyelash enhancements look natural; this will give the effect
of thick eyelashes at the root of the lash, whereas eyeliner
is implanted either on top or underneath the lash. Both will define your eyes and make them stand out.

This procedure is great for those with allergies to makeup, people with impaired vision and contact lens wearers.


Enhance your natural lip line to create fuller lips with a nude colour to match your lip's natural colour or we can choose
a shade together which will give you a made up look.
This is also a good procedure to help correct uneven lips.


You can benefit greatly from this if you have the chore
of penciling your eyebrows every day. Not only will your eyebrows look the same all the time, but you will not be conscious if you have accidentally touched/smudged them.
If you are the athletic type you will go swimming or to the gym and not have to worry if you still have eyebrows at the end of your workout.


Lashes can be made to look thicker and longer by attaching individual synthetic eyelashes sing a medical grade adhesive.

Lashes are light and comfortable and last for weeks. We have different lengths, thicknesses and shapes to suit everybody's eyes/lashes. You can have a natural, dramatic, thicker or that special 'one-off occasion' look.

Beauty Spots

Beauty spots can be placed above the lip or on the cheekbone to add a bit of glamour to your face.